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Documentation - in your hands

Why does the work take the form it does? Why did you use certain spaces, props and modes of technology for this installation? Why do you believe this was the most effective choice?  

In Your Hands takes the form of a creative short film which follows the linear narrative of an unidentified couple that is stuck in an abusive pattern. Attempting to create the illusion of a single, long shot, the camera pivots in a circular motion – echoing and enforcing the harsh reality that many victims are stuck in an endless cycle of abusive relationships.  


We filmed in the Black Box studio space at QUT’s Garden’s Theatre, using the blank background to encourage viewers to hyper-focus on the intense movement content. We chose to include only two props throughout:  

  1. A mass of white ribbon: a well-known symbol of anti-violence movements, used to indicate the storyline’s progression and escalation;  

  2. A vintage telephone: representing a lack of public awareness and vocal activity on the issue, and the fear of asking for help instilled in individuals trapped in abusive situations. The phone is also a call to action for the audience, asking them: ‘now that you’ve seen the truth, how can you help?’ 

How did you negotiate working in an interdisciplinary space?   

As a group dominated by dance practitioners, creating a multidisciplinary work proved to be very challenging yet extreme rewarding. It effectively forced us to take a trans-disciplinary approach to development, requiring us to learn and perform tasks that fell outside our own disciplinary skill-sets. 

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