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The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a creative movement piece that explores how information can be manipulated by the media. This work highlights the fragile links between the news and the truth and how they can be disturbed in turbulent times such a global pandemic.  

To discover more surrounding the manipulation and distortion of truth during COVID-19, see the below resources;  


Journalism, press freedom and COVID-19 - UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) 


A resource documenting the journalistic trends during the global pandemic and the phenomena that is the 'infodemic'. At its crux, an infodemic is the over supply of information making it challenging for the reader to discern facts from fiction. This resource looks into this concept and makes links towards how the influx of information has impacted the pandemic.  





UN tackles ‘infodemic’ of misinformation and cybercrime in COVID-19 crisis - United Nations; Department of Communications  


Details the effects of misinformation ranging from false COVID cures and criminal activity based around exploiting the fears surrounding the pandemic. Also details how countries have come to each others aid in order protect against the procreation of false information.  



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