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URL=IRL takes the form of a complex website presented as a digital

maze. The  platform  is  navigable  by  simple  clickable  arrows  which  guide  the  viewer  through  a series of experiences involving sound, guided meditation, chat rooms, creative videos, and a zoom call.


URL=IRL is an experiential website which addresses the disorienting sense of detachment much of the public has felt from the physical world due to COVID-19 isolation. This period of time has called for extensive adaptation with humanity mastering ways to forge digital connections while physical ones remain inaccessible. In the form of a digital maze, URL=IRL connects and ponders intersections between the digital and physical space and self, aiming to bridge the gap between these two existential forms through digitally immersive viewer engagement.  

This experience is best viewed on a laptop or desktop device - click the photo to begin

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