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Concept - in your hands

BTS in your hands 7.jpeg

What was the first idea of the work, and how did it develop?  Identify the main themes and how do you communicate them?  


In Your Hands was initially envisioned as an immersive art installation designed to draw attention to and encourage reflection on the detrimental societal issue of domestic violence. The installation would expose audience members to multiple artistic responses to this issue, framed in a confronting immersive labyrinth. Evolving into a creative film, our piece now uses abstract and literal movement sequences with the symbolic imagery of a white ribbon to demonstrate the challenging, indiscriminate nature of domestic violence. 


Why is this work important?  And does it comment of any socio-economic issues?  Explain the reasoning behind picking this idea and developing it further.   

Domestic violence has long been a highly relevant issue for public discussion, but reports are showing that cases have unfortunately increased within the isolation periods resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. A recent survey from the Australian Institute of Criminology shows that for many people impacted by domestic violence, the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with an onset or escalation of violence and abuse from current or former cohabiting partners. In voluntary and mandated isolation, those impacted cited safety concerns as a barrier to seeking help. Responding to these devastating reports, our team were determined to utilise our creative skills to bring the public’s attention to an issue that needs humanity on its side.  (Bradbury-Jones, 2020, p. 2047). 


Bradbury-Jones, C. (2020). The pandemic paradox: The consequences of COVID‐19 on  domestic violence. Journal of Clinical Nursing 29(13-14), 2047-2049.  

Photograph by Sophie Roberts

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