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Documentation - Close Quarters

Why does the work take the form it does? Why did you use certain spaces, props and modes of technology for this installation? Why do you believe this was the most effective choice?  

We situated our piece within the form of a box to enforce the true scale of confinement experienced by those who live with less privilege. The white sheets forming our walls were chosen for their ability to throw clear shadows, with our set designed to authentically reflect examples of public housing. Knowing we could no longer have a live audience inside the installation, we decided the 360° camera was the most effective solution to capture the work. This method allowed us to maintain the immersive element for a digital audience and still supported our original concept and themes. 

How did you negotiate working in an interdisciplinary space? 


The best part about this process is that we can all say we contributed to developing this work. Despite each of us coming from various creative disciplines, we were able to connect through conversations about how the work should feel. We allowed ourselves to question each other and used shared language to realise conceptual notions. Though each discipline fulfilled roles similar to those typical of their practice, the work progressed as a collaborative endeavour.  

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