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Concept - URL=IRL

Photographed by Bella Deary & Lily Whitaker

Photograph by Bella Deary & Lily Whitaker

What was the first idea of the work, and how did it develop?  Identify the main themes and how do you communicate them?   

URL=IRL evolved dramatically as it originated from two separate ideas. The first concept entailed a physical interactive zoom call set in Gardens Theatre for live audience participation, the second being a site-responsive installation in the Gardens Theatre auditorium involving generative sound and lighting. The work had to adapt, taking the form of a purely online presence - this was fitting considering the work aims to explore key themes of adaptation within the digital space. 


Why is this work important? And does it comment of any socio-economic issues?  Explain the reasoning behind picking this idea and developing it further.  


The work is important in acknowledging society’s shared experiences regarding adaptation, attempting to explore the constant shifts between physical and digital connection we must now endure. URL=IRL itself is framed as a reflective experience which allows for self-referential, introspective and meditative practices. These practices hold importance during a time where components of our quotidian and professional realities have relocated online, often prompting us to feel more disconnected and detached than we did before.  

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