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Documentation - URL=IRL

Why does the work take the form it does? Why did you use certain spaces, props and modes of technology for this installation? Why do you believe this was the most effective choice?  

The choice to present URL=IRL as an experiential website allowed for an oscillation between tangible and digital formats where audiences are coerced into hybridising their experience and understanding of connection. Through the amalgamation of meditative videos, video calls, generative sound, face filters and digital questionnaires, our digital installation allows us to stimulate an audience through their shared perspective and articulation of various familiar media. 

How did you negotiate working in an interdisciplinary space?   

Working within such a diverse group of creative practitioners allowed us to create a well-rounded experiential work. Theatrical knowledge was extremely helpful in developing our collective understanding of what we wanted the audience experience to be, while sonic procedures and expertise in areas of aesthetic presentation allowed us to manifest these experiential intentions in immersive ways. 

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