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Documentation - Indefinite

Why does the work take the form it does? Why did you use certain spaces, props and modes of technology for this installation? Why do you believe this was the most effective choice?  


Toilet paper has become a symbol of privilege and greed. It has a dual meaning in our piece as toilet paper is often scarce in Australian immigration detention, which predictably leads to hygiene and health issues (SBS News, March 2020). United with the ultra-hygienic imagery of hazmat suits and face masks, the bodies on the stage are obscured and reduced to political pawns. The necessary move from live performance to digital formats enabled us to control the audience experience, and provided the best approach to dissect the uncomfortable reality of consumerism. 

How did you negotiate working in an interdisciplinary space?  


Openness and trust were key to navigating collaboration in this interdisciplinary space. Each discipline approaches performance-making with a unique and equally valuable lens. Establishing a universal vision with which to comfortably move forward was important for everyone’s creative practice. Once we had created this space, the process became about give and take; giving when your expertise is required, and taking the offers of your team members. By remaining open to the input of every collaborator, we were able to reach more fruitful outcomes. When certain creative elements moved out of our areas of capability, it was crucial to trust our group members to fill the gap with their wealth of skills and knowledge. 


SBS News. (2020). Fears coronavirus could spread to asylum seekers in Australian immigration detention. Retrieved from 

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