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documentation- Between Isolations

With Help From: 


Lachlan Whelan - Camera Operator

Thomas Ford - Camera Operator

Harry Hurwood - Camera Operator, BTS Photography, Editing 

Why does the work take the form it does? Why did you use certain spaces, props and modes of technology for this installation? Why do you believe this was the most effective choice?  


We chose a short film for our installation as we felt this medium would enable us to best communicate and explore the themes of the project. We chose bubble wrap as a prop because when used in an unconventional way and in conjunction with harsh lighting, it would evoke a strong reaction from the viewer. The black box theatre space enabled us to create a sense of isolation and remove unintended context so the viewer could draw their own conclusions from the film.  


We sought to present the Alone Together project on an easily navigable platform that audiences could choose to leave and return to at any point. A minimalistic website was our solution, laid out in a format that would give audience’s permission to take the time they needed to fully process and understand each work. This was especially important due to the confronting and sensitive subject matter of the installations. 

How did you negotiate working in an interdisciplinary space?  


The nature of our work enabled us to collaborate with everyone involved in the Alone Together project. This was an insightful and fulfilling experience as we were able to engage with everyone's creative processes and development of their work. In order to negotiate the creation of our work and the website itself, we needed to maintain open communication with everyone involved in this project. This meant check-ins with their progress every week, discussions surrounding content-matter and communicating our own thoughts on how we could respond to their themes in our work. As we were responding to the different themes present in everyone's works, we ensured they knew what we were making and encouraged them to communicate their thoughts on our ideas.  


Within the creation process, we both engaged in new forms of creating that were not our primary disciplines. As we are both part of a Dance Performance degree, we took on very different roles, working with photography, website design and film making. To navigate these new disciplinary practices, we sought advice from film and visual students where necessary – their suggestions enabling us to reach cohesive final versions of our work and the website. 

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