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Concept - Between Isolations


What was the first idea of the work, and how did it develop to what the idea is now? Identify the main themes and how do you communicate them?   

Between Isolations began as a photography exhibition responding, documenting and exploring the themes in each installation. Sets of photographic triptychs would fill transitionary spaces in the Gardens Theatre, encouraging audiences to continue exploring the process and themes of the Alone Together project. Alongside these photo series, QR codes housed links to information and creative responses to other team projects. Moving entirely online, the work developed into a website platform that presents each installation and their development through a guided gallery format. We also devised a short film in response to the primary themes of the Alone Together project.  

Why is this work important? And does it comment of any socio-economic issues? Explain the reasoning behind picking this idea and developing it further.  


The work we have created is important as it takes inspiration from the creative works in the Alone Together project itself. We looked for ways to creatively respond to the issues explored by our peers; to extract them and observe from an abstract point of view. We chose to explore bubble wrap as a material that is considered a protective barrier for fragile objects, yet when used incorrectly it can be suffocating and restrictive. We were intrigued as to how we could play with the concept of being protected by this material yet, when in the wrong hands, it could hold the performer in place and control her movements. In considering this, we brought other people into the work to represent different types of relationships with the main performer and comment on the themes of protection, restriction and control.  

Photograph by Rebecca Thorne

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